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Walker Feed Co.

Walker Feed Co.

Kristin and Cody Walker launched Walker Feed Co. in 2013.  Their focus is creating all natural cocktail mixers using premium ingredients sourced from the South to create high quality beverages paired with your favorite libation.

As a restaurant veteran, Kristin would set up “Bloody Mary bars” at gatherings of friends and began searching for the perfect Bloody Mary recipe.  She soon realized that she would have to create her own with a blend of unique spices, bourbon barrel-aged Worcestershire sauce, molasses, creole mustard, and more. 

After perfecting her own Bloody Mary Mix, she and her husband, Cody, let friends, family, and even a host of folks at Steeplechase try the mix and the consensus was unanimous – they all loved it!

Since starting the business in 2013, Walker Feed Co. has added new mixes for Sangria, Margaritas, and a Whiskey Sour, all made with local, all-natural ingredients.  They’ve even added a line of salt and sugar rimmers for the complete at-home cocktail experience.

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