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Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm

In 2012, Eileen and James Ray made a drastic move from New York City to a rural farm just outside of Nashville to follow their dreams.

Their mission in farming was to start with the raw land, add as few inputs as possible, and create a humane and sustainable farming model.  They started with a seed and Little Seed Farm was born.

Eileen and James raise goats, pigs, and chickens, allowing them to graze the land rotationally.  They treat the animals humanely and even have names for each animal. 

The goat milk is used to make luxuriously soft soaps packaged in recyclable packaging that are chemical-free and safe for skincare.  Minimizing waste and pollution, they use recyclable packing for every item sold.

In 2015, with the assistance of a small business grant from West Elm, Little Seed Farm was able to go 100% solar powered. 

As they grow their own small business, they strive to set an example and encourage others to pursue their dreams and adopt land stewardship and sustainable production practices in their own ventures. 

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