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Grab the Gold

Grab the Gold

Grab the Gold bars are a gluten free whole food energy snack bar that will keep you fueled throughout the day.

Danielle Ontiveros created them from scratch when she was just 16 years old after searching for a better tasting, less expensive alternative to the protein bars she found on grocery store shelves.  After creating just two batches in her own kitchen, she promptly announced she was starting her own business and that’s just what she did. 

Slowly learning and growing her business, she pursued a variety of other careers simultaneously, but never gave up on her snack bars.

Originally living in New Orleans, the floods in 2005 from Hurricane Katrina forced Danielle to take refuge elsewhere.  After getting an unexpected number of heartfelt emails from Grab the Gold consumers in the Nashville area, Danielle and her mother found themselves relocating to the supportive community of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Over time, with a generous helping of encouragement from her mother, fierce determination, and a loyal fan base, Danielle has successfully grown Grab the Gold and is now selling snack bars all over the country.   

Grab the Gold believes in community, in giving back, and treating their consumers like family.  They make donations every month to charitable organizations such as Second Harvest Food Bank, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Vanderbilt Cancer Center to further their contribution to the community around them.

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