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Why Supporting Local Matters

Why Supporting Local Matters

"Local" isn't just a radius from your house.  It's your community.

It’s where you watch Movies in the Park and get fresh peaches at the farmer’s market.  It’s where you cheer on your son’s soccer team to the state championship and watch the city’s hockey team make it to the playoffs.  It’s where your barista knows your name and the fact that you always order a 12oz Turtle Latte with skim milk.

It’s the people and places that make up your neighborhood.  Local is a part of us. It’s a part of our culture.  It consists of the community in which we live, work, play, create together, challenge each other, support each other, and build a better place for our kids.

We started High Note Gifts with a passion for our local, Nashville community and the creative entrepreneurs that make it so amazing.   We believe wholeheartedly in supporting our community, being a part of it, and sharing it with you.  Every gift we source for you will feature locally made goods that we’re proud to say are a part of Nashville.  

Supporting local businesses means promoting the following benefits in your own community.

1.  Unique Culture

There’s no other city in the world like Nashville.   By supporting local shops, restaurants, makers, and entrepreneurs, you help encourage a unique and diverse culture in our city that is specific to Nashville.

2.  Economic Impact

Locally owned businesses reinvest a larger percentage of their revenue back into the local economy and they create jobs for local residents.  They also tend to use other local businesses for their own business needs (ie: accountants, printers, farms, etc). Local companies also tend to give back to their own community through donations to local non-profits and events.

3.  Community Empowerment

Important decisions that impact the local community get made by owners that are actually residents of the same community. 

4.  Product Diversity

Local businesses can tailor their own product or service mix to what the local community wants and needs as opposed to whatever fits into a companies national sales and marketing plan.  

5.  Better Service

Local entrepreneurs usually started their business because they love what they do and they are passionate about their product or service.  They often learn their customer’s name, take ownership in their customer service, and they take pride using their unique knowledge to help you.

Supporting local business is a way to show pride in your community and help protect what makes our city truly unique. We have to continue to cultivate that uniqueness and you’re a part of that story.  Your neighbors, friends, and family are a part of that story.  We hope you’ll come along side us in loving the local community of Nashville well!

Tell us what you love about your community.  What local businesses do you support and why?

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