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5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween In Style

5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween In Style

They say you’re never too old for Halloween, but what happens when you outgrown trick-or-treating and block parties? Here are five fun ways to celebrate Halloween in style!

1) Trick or Treating

Skip the part where you dress up to knock on doors asking for candy and go straight to the good treats!  Whether you’re giving or receiving, our Halloween treats put a sophisticated spin on local, spooky goodness. 

Our Trick or Treat basket includes caramel kettle corn, pumpkin spice shortbread cookies, a coffin-shaped peanut nougat chocolate bar, and 6 assorted truffles from ghost pepper to bacon caramel flavors.

2) Watch Scary Movies

Scary movies have evolved a lot over the last several years, but the Rocky Horror Picture Show is still a classic.  Catch a midnight showing at the Belcourt Theatre.  Or, invite friends over for a scary movie marathon of your choice. 


3) Make Caramel Apples

Movie nights should have snacks and there’s nothing more nostalgic this time of year than caramel apples.  We suggest grabbing a jar of Momma Nik’s Whiskey Caramel Sauce to drizzle over sliced apples for an easy-to-eat version of a traditional caramel apple with a hint of whiskey.

Mama Nik's Whiskey Caramel Sauce


4) Get Dressed Up

Costumes can be fun, but sometimes just a small accessory is all you need to get into the Halloween spirit.  We love these skull rings from Red Earth Shop. 


5) Go Out on the Town

Get tickets to one of the many tours or concerts this month for a scary good time.  We’re excited to see the Nashville Ballet’s performance of Dracula this year.  Here Come The Mummies is a local band playing on Halloween that brings big band music and band members dressed like mummies together on one stage.  Or, sign up for one of Nashville’s many ghost tours to find out which buildings are haunted by the ghosts of our past.

What is your favorite part of Halloween?  Comment to tell us what you’re just dying to do this year to celebrate the season.  

- HNG -

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