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Walker Creek Confections

Walker Creek Confections

Walker Creek Confections is a family business dedicated to creating the very best candies.  Using traditional recipes, they create small batches of toffee, caramels, and pralines that will melt in your mouth.  Their candies are made from only natural ingredients without any preservatives or added artificial ingredients. 

After making toffee for family and friends as gifts, Bruce and Cathy received so many requests to purchase their toffee, they knew they could create their own small business.  Starting in their home kitchen, they soon grew into two locations: Watertown, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee.  

While their original almond toffee recipe that started it all is still used to this day, their caramels come in an endless array of fun flavors like espresso, sea salt, bourbon, moonshine, apple pie, and many more.

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