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Sunday Morning Pancake Mix

Sunday Morning Pancake Mix

Sam and her husband started a family tradition with their two sons making pancakes every Sunday morning.  While pancakes are a fun breakfast, Sam was concerned that this may not be the healthiest tradition to start with their boys, so she took to the kitchen to experiment with whole grain ingredients to create a healthier, but equally delicious, version of their very own Sunday Morning Pancake Mix.  

After mixing whole grain flour and milling bulk grains in a coffee grinder, Sam found her recipe.  She turned an empty calorie breakfast into a wholesome, nutritious meal from locally sourced whole grains.  Each batch has nine organic grains: wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, oats, spelt, milo, cornmeal, and flax.  Best of all, they are delicious! 

After perfecting the recipe for her own family, they shared it with friends and soon realized they had a hit on their hands.  Sunday Morning Pancake Mix was born and is now sold at retail locations locally and makes the perfect hearty breakfast for family and friends.

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