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Rainwater Farm

Rainwater Farm

Colette Souder was a city girl, living and working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  But when she and her husband moved to East Tennessee, they set out to raise a family with a respect for nature and all its beauty. 

After using some all natural soap bars herself that were given to her as a gift, Colette knew she would never go back to commercial-grade soaps again.  Her solution was to study artisan soapmaking methods herself to create her own soaps they would use at her home. 

Eventually, she started giving them as gifts, and then selling them to other members of her community in Maryville, Tennessee.  In 1992, Colette started Rainwater Farm and got the whole family involved in packaging, selling, and shipping soaps and other all-natural body products across Tennessee.

Now a two-generation family business, Kathleen Souder, Colette’s oldest daughter, is a co-owner in the business based in Nashville, Tennessee.  Throughout the years, they have continued their dedication to handcrafted, pure, and all-natural products that are nourishing for your skin.

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