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Music City Suds

Music City Suds

Rachel and Daniel Mullen are the powerhouse couple behind Music City Suds.  Rachel needed natural body products that didn’t aggravate her own sensitive skin and so she took to the kitchen to make her own.  She taught herself about soap making, essential oils, and lye and was determined to create a soap line that would contain only natural ingredients safe for her skin. 

Their creativity truly shines in their product names and packaging.  Using repurposed music note paper as bar wrappers and recycled cigar boxes for gifts, they’ve embraced an eco-friendly way of packaging products in the spirit of Music City.  Taking it a step further, each product is named after a country music song, so you’ll find bath salts called “Soaking After Midnight” or soap called “I Walk the Lime” making for the perfect Music City gift.

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