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A Glimmer of Hope Candles

A Glimmer of Hope Candles

AGH was launched in April of 2015 by April Kirby. The heart behind starting A Glimmer of Hope was for April to channel her passions and to create a way for her mom's heart and generosity to still live on even though she passed away in February of 2015.

April is passionate about many things but some of the things at the top of here list are speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, creating something out of nothing, and living as naturally as possible. She loves that she can start with an empty container and a few chunks of wax and turn it into something that smells amazing, is actually beneficial for you to breathe in, and that gives back to people who need a voice. 20% of the profits from AGH are given to A.M.O Ministry Brazil and The CP West Nashville Dream Center.  All donations are given in memory of April's mom, Rhonda Kirby.

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