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Gifting Success Story: Perfectly Personalized

Gifting Success Story: Perfectly Personalized

One Nashville-based consulting firm takes has partnered with us to let us provide them with custom gifts for each client based on their individual personalities.  

After each successful new client visit, we receive an email from their firm with details for who should receive the gift, the size/budget preference, and specific details about what he or she might like to be included.  For example, if they talked about how much the client loves coffee, we would include not one, but two bags of coffee!  Or if they have a dog that's part of the family, we include locally made dog treats as an extra touch.  Or if the client is gluten-free, we choose Nashville made goodies that still fit into their dietary preference.  

Each of their client's comes home from their meeting in Nashville to a little bit of Nashville via High Note Gifts that's been personalized just for them.  It's the perfect touch to opening a new relationship with a potential client.  We absolutely love getting to be a part of their thoughtful gestures and handwriting sweet notes to each client.   

If we can help you customize something for your clients, contact us today.  We can't wait to get started! 

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