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Soberdough creates beer bread mixes that makes homemade bread easy, quick, and delicious with only two ingredients needed – beer and Soberdough bread mix. 

Mother and son team, Veronica and Jordan, started the company together.  Veronica, a former marketing executive and food-lover, has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves experimenting in the kitchen.  Jordan, interested in learning more about business, loves the idea that adding a beer to a simple bread mix lets people everywhere have something fun, delicious, and shareable with family or friends. 

Soberdough bread mixes come in many flavors such as Honey Wheat, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Apple Fritter, Buffalovin’ Wing, Green Chili Cheddar, and more. 

You’ll find Soberdough at markets, local retailers, and now Williams Sonoma across the country.  And if you’re lucky, you’ll find it in your own kitchen soon!

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