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Dr. Cary Gannon created AILA out of one of the most difficult times in her own life.  Recovering from a rare cancer, finalizing a divorce, managing her own medical practice, juggling motherhood, and struggling to remedy her own health issues, she soon realized she had to make a change.  She began by eliminating things in her life that were not healthy for her and started to take care of herself and her body. 

After receiving a lack of information from another “healthy” beauty product brand when asking in depth questions, she knew that there had to be something better.  Furthermore, she knew she had to break the cycle of women being forced to choose between products that make you feel beautiful, ones that work, and those that would be free of harmful chemicals. 

AILA was born as a nail polish brand that would break the cycle.  Their mission is to empower and equip women everywhere who are committed to their overall wellness. 

AILA’s nail polish is long-lasting, began, paraben free, gluten free, and free of other harmful chemicals typically found in nail polish.  Plus, it comes in the most beautiful, vibrant colors. 

The name AILA comes from Dr. Gannon’s daughter and means “strength” in Gaelic.  Dr. Gannon believes that the power is always within us each to have the strength to live a happy and healthy life. 

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